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Tune Up Packages

Service Package 1

Tune Up


This package includes adjustments as needed to your brakes, gears, bottom bracket, wheels, headset, and all external lubrication. *Does not include parts or accessories or labor for installation

Service Package 2

Tune Up / Full Cleaning


This bundle includes all the same offerings as package two coupled with an extensive cleaning process: wecompletely degrease and re-lube your bike’s chain,derailleurs, cassette, and chain rings. We also thoroughly clean and polish your bicycle. *Does not include parts or accessories or labor for installation


1. Repair costs are non-negotiable. 2. For an accurate estimate, please bring your bicycle to the shop. Estimates given over the phone come with no guarantee of accuracy. 3. If the cost of the repair will exceed the value of the bicycle, all known costs* will be due up front. 4. Repairs still at the shop after 30 days will accrue storage fees of $5 per week. You will be notified by phone at least once prior to this penalty. 5. Repairs still at the shop after 90 days will be sold, disposed of, or donated to a local charity in your name as we see fit. At this point, we will have contacted you by phone at least 3 times, and will determine (based on your failure to pick up your bike) that you no longer wish to pay for or claim it. 6. All labor is guaranteed for 60 days from the date of repair completion  (not the date you pick it up). 7. All parts replaced are guaranteed free from defects for 1 year from the date of repair completion  (not the date you pick it up).  8. If we find that your repair needs additional work, we will cease repair and notify you. If we do not reach you immediately, your repair will be put on hold - once we hear from you, it will go back into the repair queue, and a new completion date/time will be given. 9. If we cannot repair your bicycle, there will be no charge. 10. If we determine that the repairs to your bicycle vastly exceed its value, one of two things will happen, a) we will require complete payment up front, or b) we will decline to repair your bicycle. 11. For liability reasons, we cannot perform work on any bicycle that is in violation of the vehicle code pertaining to bicycles (i.e. you have no functional brakes on your bike), or is deemed unsafe to ride by one of our mechanics. 12. Repairs are first come, first served. 13. A deposit may be required on your repair. *Known costs - refers to minimum cost of the repair as it stands upon initial estimate. This does not imply that there will be no additional costs when you pick up your repair.